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Top Gun: Maverick is a 2022 action drama film directed by Joseph Kosinski and written by Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer, and Christopher McQuarrie. It is a sequel to the 1986 movie Top Gun, with Tom Cruise reprising his role as Maverick. The film follows Maverick as he comes to grips with his past while training a new group of Top Gun graduates for a dangerous mission. The film received critical acclaim and was praised as being better than the original. It won the National Board of Review Award for Best Picture and was nominated for six Academy Awards, winning Best Sound. Top Gun: Maverick grossed $1.496 billion worldwide, becoming the second-highest-grossing film of 2022 and the highest-grossing film for Tom Cruise.

Top Gun Maverick Trailer :

Top Gun Maverick Story :

Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel set over 30 years after the events of the original Top Gun movie. Captain Pete Maverick Mitchell, a Navy test pilot, has faced repeated insubordination that has kept him from rising through the ranks. Admiral Tom Iceman Kazansky, now Commander of the US Pacific Fleet, often protects Maverick. Maverick’s Darkstar hypersonic scramjet program is at risk of being canceled in favor of drone funding. To save the program, Maverick changes the test’s target speed, but the prototype is destroyed when it exceeds the limit.

Maverick is then assigned to the Top Gun School at NAS North Island, where he is tasked with training a group of elite graduates. The Navy is on a mission to destroy a rogue uranium enrichment plant defended by SAMs, GPS jammers, and enemy fighters. Maverick devises a plan, but instead of participating, he trains his students. Maverick earns his respect through dogfighting and contests.

During his assignment, Maverick meets his ex-girlfriend Penny Benjamin. He reveals a promise he made to Rooster, the son of his late friend Goose, that Rooster would not become a pilot. Rooster is angry with Maverick for interfering with his military career and blaming him for the death of his father. Maverick seeks the advice of the Iceman, who later dies of throat cancer.

Maverick is retired as an instructor but demonstrates his capabilities during an unauthorized flight. He is reinstated as team leader. Maverick leads a mission with Rooster as part of his team. They successfully destroy the plant, but are faced with heavy fire during their escape. Maverick sacrifices his plane to protect Rooster and they are believed to be dead.

Rooster discovers an ejected Maverick and saves him from an enemy attack helicopter. They steal an F-14 and destroy intercepting fighters, and Hangman arrives in time to help. They return safe and sound.

In the end, Rooster helps Maverick with his P-51 Mustang and they reflect on his successful mission alongside a photo of Rooster’s late father and a young Maverick. Maverick and Penny fly together in the P-51.

Top Gun Maverick 2022 Cast :

Name and Character Name

  • Tom Cruise – Pete Mitchell ( tom cruise maverick )
  • Miles Teller – Bradley Bradshaw
  • Val Kilmer – Tom Kazansky
  • Glen Powell – Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin
  • Jennifer Connelly – Penny Benjamin
  • Jon Hamm – Cyclone
  • Monica Barbaro – Phoenix
  • Lewis Pullman – Bob
  • Jay Ellis – Lt. Reuben ‘Payback’ Fitch
  • Ed Harris – Radm. Chester ‘Hammer’ Cain
  • Danny Ramirez – Lt. Mickey ‘Fanboy’ Garcia
  • Anthony Edwards
  • Greg Tarzan Davis – Coyote
  • Manny Jacinto – Fritz
  • Charles Parnell – Adm. Solomon ‘Warlock
  • Bashir Salahuddin
  • Jean Louisa Kelly – Sarah Kazansky
  • Lyliana Wray – Amelia Benjamin
  • Peter Mark Kendall – Meek Engineer
  • Jake Picking – Lt. Brigham Lennox
  • Raymond Lee – Lt. Logan Lee
  • Rachael Markarian – Mission Controller #5
  • Mark Anthony Cox – Admiral
  • Kara Wang – Lt. Callie ‘Halo’ Bassett
  • Roberta Sparta
  • Thomasin McKenzie
  • Meg Ryan
  • Chelsea Harris – Flag Aide Angela Burke
  • Randy Davison – Naval Aviator
  • Bob Stephenson – United States Air Force General Edward Clayton
  • James Handy – Jimmy
  • Rachel Winfree
  • Landon Gordon – Kid in Truck Stop
  • Jason Woods
  • India Everett
  • Shannon Kane
  • Stephanie Andrea Barron
  • Penelope Kapudija
  • Chido Nwokocha – Mission Controller
  • Darnell Kirkwood
  • Jack Schumacher
  • Andrey Mostrenko
  • Austin Bowerman

Top Gun Maverick budget is 17 crores USD and Top Gun Maverick box office hit with $719 million in ticket sales in the U.S. and Canada . All time Top Gun Maverick collection is 148.8 crores USD.

Production :

Development on Top Gun: Maverick began in 2010 when Paramount Pictures offered Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott the opportunity to create a sequel to the original Top Gun film. Tom Cruise, who starred in the first film, expressed interest in reprising his role. However, at the time, Cruise dismissed the idea of a sequel as irresponsible. The future of the film became uncertain after Scott’s suicide in 2012, but Bruckheimer remained committed to the project.

In June 2017, Tom Cruise revealed that the sequel would be titled Top Gun: Maverick, describing it as a competition film and progression for Maverick. Joseph Kosinski was announced as director in July 2017 and had previously collaborated with Cruise on the film Oblivion. The script for the sequel went through several iterations with different writers involved.

Filming for Top Gun: Maverick took place in various locations, including San Diego, Naval Air Station Fallon, and Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. To create the illusion that the actors were flying the planes, the production team worked closely with the Navy, using F/A-18E and F/A-18F Super Hornets for aerial shots. The actors underwent extensive training to prepare for their roles, including a three-month boot camp designed by Cruise to familiarize them with aerobatics and high g-forces.

The film features a mix of real and fictional aircraft. The production team purchased working aircraft from different sources, and a full-scale mockup of the fictional Darkstar aircraft was built with the help of Lockheed Martin engineers. The iconic F-14 Tomcat, featured in the original film, was not used due to the aircraft’s retirement and legal limitations.

The cast of Top Gun: Maverick includes Tom Cruise reprising his role as Maverick, Val Kilmer returning as Iceman, and new additions like Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, and Lewis Pullman. Notably, Lewis Hamilton was offered a role, but he turned it down due to his Formula One racing commitments.

The film was shot in IMAX format using IMAX-certified full-frame Sony Venice 6K cameras. The crew also used various camera equipment and platforms, including cameras mounted on aircraft and helicopters, to capture the aerial images. Over 800 hours of aerial footage was shot for the film.

Overall, Top Gun: Maverick went through a lengthy development process and extensive filming to create an authentic and visually stunning sequel to the original “Top Gun” movie.

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