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All Quiet on the Western Front is a 2022 anti-war film based on the novel by Erich Maria Remarque. Directed by Edward Berger and starring Felix Kammerer, Albrecht Schuch, Daniel Brühl and others, it is the third adaptation of the book. Set in World War I, it follows Paul Bäumer, an idealistic German soldier. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival to positive reviews and was released on Netflix. It garnered multiple nominations and awards, including Best International Film at the Oscars. It also won several categories at the British Academy Film Awards and the German Film Awards, including the Silver Award for Best Film.

All Quiet on the Western Front Trailer :

All Quiet on the Western Front Story :

In 1917, during World War I, Paul Bäumer, a 17-year-old German soldier, joins the Imperial German Army with his friends Albert, Franz, and Ludwig. Their idealistic notions of war are quickly shattered when they experience the harsh reality of trench warfare in northern France. Ludwig is killed and Paul and his comrades face brutality from the front.

As the war progresses, German Secretary of State Matthias Erzberger begins armistice talks with the Allied Powers due to mounting losses. Paul and his friend Kat steal a goose to share with his comrades. A letter is read to Kat from his wife, and Franz develops a relationship with a French woman.

On November 9, Erzberger’s delegation boards a train to negotiate a ceasefire. Meanwhile, Paul and his friends search for missing recruits and discover their deaths from gas poisoning. General Friedrichs orders an attack, opposing the armistice talks.

Supreme Allied Commander Ferdinand Foch gives the Germans 72 hours to agree to the Allied terms, while the German attack initially succeeds, but ultimately fails. Albert is killed and Paul ends up trapped with a French soldier, whom he reluctantly kills.

Erzberger learns of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s abdication and accepts the Allied terms. Paul witnesses Tjaden’s suicide and returns to his unit, realizing that the war is ending. Kat is fatally shot and Paul avenges it before dying himself.

Later, a new recruit finds Paul’s body, but his death goes unrecorded. The war comes to an end, leaving behind the devastation and the profound impact on Paul and his companions.

All Quiet on the Western Front Cast :

Name and Character Name

  • Daniel Brühl – Matthias Erzberger
  • Felix Kammerer – Paul Bäumer
  • Albrecht Schuch – Stanislaus
  • Aaron Hilmer – Albert Kropp
  • Edin Hasanović – Tjaden Stackfleet
  • Devid Striesow – General Friedrich
  • Lesley Paterson
  • Anton von Lucke – Hauptmann Von Helldorf
  • Sebastian Hülk – Major Von Brixdorf
  • Moritz Klaus – Franz Müller
  • Tobias Langhoff – Generalmajor Von Winterfeldt
  • Adrian Grünewald – Ludwig Behm
  • Thibault de Montalembert – General Ferdinand Foch
  • Andreas Döhler – Lieutenant Hoppe
  • Luc Feit – Stabsarzt
  • Michael Wittenborn -Rektor
  • Dominikus Weileder -Der Junge
  • Joe Weintraub – Hauptmann Geyer
  • Peter Sikorski – Sergeant
  • Peter Gulan

all quiet on the western front has been viewed for more than 150 million hours since its release on October 14, 2022.

Writers Lesley Paterson and Ian Stokell dedicated 16 years to bringing their film project to life. They secured the option for the film rights in 2006 but faced challenges in funding the production and annual option renewal, costing $10,000 to $15,000. Paterson cleverly raised funds by participating in XTERRA triathlons, winning $20,000 and maintaining the option through her five world championships. Approximately $200,000 was spent to preserve the option over the 16-year period.

In February 2020, the film was announced with Edward Berger directing and Daniel Brühl joining the ensemble cast. Principal photography commenced on March 9, 2021, in Prague, Czech Republic, lasting 55 days. The film’s budget was $20 million.

To capture the fox sequence at the beginning of the film, cinematographer James Friend collaborated closely with wildlife cameraman Rob Hollingworth. They created a purpose-built den for a pregnant fox and filmed her giving birth to cubs, providing the authentic footage seen on camera. By raising the cubs in the filming environment, they ensured that the mother and cubs were comfortable with the presence of cameras. This approach aimed to replicate the style of a David Attenborough documentary rather than a traditional movie.

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