Oppenheimer : Review, Cast and Collection

Here in this article, we will discuss about Oppenheimer movie. You also know in this article oppenheimer movie plot. We will cover in this article oppenheimer movie about cast , oppenheimer release date cast, Oppenheimer film trailer, Oppenheimer budget & collection and many more. oppenheimer movie release date in USA is 21 July 2023. There is no any user reviews of christopher nolan oppenheimer on IMDb. After see Oppenheimer trailer and some videos you can’t stop yourself to watching full movie .

The development of oppenheimer movie nuclear bomb during World War II is the subject of the movie. It follows J. Robert Oppenheimer in particular who was in charge of making oppenheimer manhattan project a success. You can watch oppenheimer teaser on universal pictures channel .

Although there isnot much more information on oppenheimer movie plot . audiences may enjoy entertaining cinematic experience. Cristopher nolan movies claimed that using IMAX technologymis hugely crucial in bringing taudience into the thinking and experience of this guy who forever reshaped our planet in a statement to the AP on December 13. Oppenheimer meaning is a nuclear physics expert in the field of physics. Cristopher nolan created oppenheimer movie explosion with nuclear without CGI.

Oppenheimer Trailer

Oppenheimer Movie Cast

Here is oppenheimer cast name and oppenheimer movie characters name

  • Cillian Murphy – J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • Robert Downey Jr. – Lewis Strauss
  • Florence Pugh – Jean Tatlock
  • Jack Quaid – Richard Feynman
  • Matt Damon – Leslie Groves
  • Rami Malek
  • Emily Blunt – Kitty Oppenheimer
  • Devon Bostick – Seth Neddermeyer
  • Josh Peck – Kenneth Bainbridge
  • Josh Hartnett – Ernest Lawrence
  • Dylan Arnold – Frank Oppenheimer
  • David Dastmalchian
  • Matthias Schweighöfer – Werner Heisenberg
  • Gary Oldman – Harry S. Truman
  • Emma Dumont – Jackie Oppenheimer
  • Dane DeHaan
  • Casey Affleck
  • Gustaf Skarsgård – Hans Bethe
  • Benny Safdie – Edward Teller
  • Sadie Stratton
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Jason Clarke
  • James D’Arcy
  • Tom Conti – Albert Einstein
  • Alden Ehrenreich – Richard Feynman
  • Matthew Modine – Vannevar Bush
  • Alex Wolff
  • Michael Angarano – Robert Serber
  • Trond Fausa Aurvåg – George Kistiakowsky
  • Olivia Thirlby
  • David Krumholtz – Isidor Isaac Rabi
  • Jefferson Hall -Haakon Chevalier
  • Scott Grimes – Counsel
  • Tony Goldwyn
  • Olli Haaskivi
  • James Remar – Henry Stimson
  • Danny Deferrari – Enrico Fermi
  • Louise Lombard
  • Sean Avery
  • David Rysdahl
  • David Bertucci
  • Jeff Hephner – Congressman
  • Gregory Jbara – Actor
  • Harrison Gilbertson
  • Josh Zuckerman
  • Jack Cutmore-Scott
  • Bryce Johnson – Army Air Force Officer
  • Guy Burnet – George Eltenton
  • Kash Hovey – Oppenheimer Party Guest
  • Macon Blair
  • Christopher Denham – Klaus Fuchs

The Famous Oppenheimer quotes is ” Now I am Became Death the Destroyer of worlds ” . You can english oppenheimer pronunciation like aw·puhn·hai·muh. Oppenheimer budget is 10 crores USD and Oppenheimer collection of all time is expexted to earn 500 million USD .

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