Watch: The Tiger 3 trailer from Salman Khan has a huge surprise! See what the audience is saying


The eagerly anticipated Tiger 3 trailer is now available. The film, which is the third in the Tiger series, is set in the spy-universe created by Yash Raj Films. At twelve o’clock on October 16, the trailer was released.

As the trailer continues, Revathy, who appears to be taking over for the sadly deceased Girish Karnad, who portrayed the RAW boss to whom Tiger reported, is shown. The trailer begins with Tiger, played by Salman Khan, living a nice family life with his wife (Katrina Kaif) and son. But the narration provided by the film’s “villain” makes it clear from the start that he intends to make Tiger’s life a living hell.

Trouble appears to be all around Tiger. The Pakistani bad guy has done everything he can to exact retribution. Tiger shoots bullets like sweets while his wife fights in a bathrobe and their son appears to be dragged away. And it’s personal this time.

Release date for Salman Khan’s Tiger 3:

According to rumors, Pathaan, played by Shah Rukh Khan, would make a special appearance in the film. However, the trailer makes no mention of that. The film, which Maneesh Sharma directed, is scheduled to debut on November 12—Diwali.

“Tiger is always tiger Cinema stadium me badlne wala hai,” one supporter wrote. Nobody has said how much this teaser gives them chills, Katrina? It’s disappointing that Indian audiences don’t really value female main roles. You don’t need to be reminded that Katrina is half Indian, married to an Indian, lives in India, and works in Indian movies. She deserves the same respect from us as Salman does. She is our pride, another person wrote.

The villain is revealed to be none other than Emraan Hashmi during the trailer’s conclusion. Emraan greets us when we see him with a strange appearance—bearded, grey, and torn. “Welcome to Pakistan,” he says.

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