Extraction 2 : Release Date, Storyline and Cast


Extraction 2 is an American action thriller film released in 2023. Directed by Sam Hargrave and written by Joe Russo, the film is based on the graphic novel City, written by Ande Parks, Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, Fernando Leon Gonzalez, and Eric Skillman. Serving as a sequel to the 2020 film Extraction, the cast includes actors Chris Hemsworth, Golshifteh Farahani, and Adam Bessa, along with new additions Olga Kurylenko, Daniel Bernhardt, Tinatin Dalakishvili, and Idris Elba. The story follows mercenary Tyler Rake (played by Hemsworth), who initially goes on a mission to rescue the wife and children of an abusive crime lord from a Georgia prison. However, he soon realizes that he too must protect the family from a dangerous crime syndicate that is after them after the extraction. Extraction 2 premiered on Netflix on June 16, 2023, and earned positive reviews from critics.

Extraction 2 Plot :

After surviving a harrowing mission in Bangladesh, Tyler Rake retires and seeks solace in an Austrian cabin. However, his peaceful respite is disrupted when he’s approached by a stranger who pleads for his help in rescuing Ketevan, the sister of his ex-wife Mia, along with her children from Georgia. Ketevan is married to Davit Radiani, a high-ranking member of Georgia’s largest crime syndicate. Ketevan, unable to endure the abusive conditions and her husband’s imprisonment, reaches out to Mia for assistance.

Motivated by his former family’s plight, Tyler recruits the skilled duo of Nik and Yaz to aid in the mission. They orchestrate an infiltration of the prison, sparking a riot in the process. Amid the chaos, Tyler confronts Davit, leading to a fatal altercation. Tyler and Ketevan navigate the riot and manage to escape on an armored train, eventually making their way to Vienna by plane.

Tragically, Sandro, Ketevan’s young son, betrays them, aligning himself with his uncle Zurab. Zurab, seeking revenge, locates Tyler’s team and launches an assault on their location in Vienna’s DC Towers. Fleeing in a helicopter, the team loses Yaz to a fatal injury inflicted by Zurab. They find refuge in Tyler’s cabin, where he reunites with Mia.

Within this respite, Tyler acknowledges his mistake of embarking on a mission while their son battled cancer. Meanwhile, Avtandil, Zurab’s uncle and right-hand man, urges Zurab to relinquish his thirst for revenge, promoting a better example for his nephew. Defiant, Zurab kills Avtandil and contacts Tyler, demanding a meeting at a nearby airfield adjacent to a church.

In the climactic encounter, Tyler discovers Zurab and Sandro in the church, with Sandro wearing an explosive vest. Coerced by Zurab, Sandro initially refuses to harm Tyler, recognizing the true nature of his father and uncle. Tyler engages in a fierce struggle, ultimately eliminating Zurab. However, as the police surround the church, Nik sustains injuries while Tyler and Nik are apprehended.

During their imprisonment, Mia informs Tyler that Ketevan and her children have been relocated to protective custody, although their assets have been frozen. Tyler instructs Mia to provide them with $1 million in cash concealed beneath the floorboards of his cabin. Mia relays that their son held fond memories of Tyler, bidding him a final farewell. Tyler is escorted from prison to meet the stranger from earlier, who presents another job offer. Tyler insists on including Nik, only to discover that the stranger has brought her along, aware that Tyler wouldn’t proceed without her.

Extraction Trailer [ 2020 ] :

Extraction 2 Trailer [ 2023 ] :

Extraction 2 Cast :

  • Golshifteh Farahani – Nik Khan
  • Chris Hemsworth – Tyler Rake
  • Rudhraksh Jaiswal – Ovi Mahajan
  • Tinatin Dalakishvili – Ketevan
  • Sinead Phelps – Kutaisi Staff
  • Sammy Jonas Heaney – Soldier
  • Adam Bessa – Yaz Khan
  • Patrick Newall – Seb
  • Tornike Gogrichiani – Zurab
  • Priyanshu Painyuli
  • Daniel Bernhardt
  • Tako Tabatadze – Mariam Radiani
  • Dato Bakhtadze – Avtandil
  • Justin Howell – Gio
  • Rayna Campbell – Ruthie
  • Shahaub Roudbari – Saba
  • Armen Grayg – Armenian Mafioso
  • Tornike Bziava – David
  • Anthony J. Vorhies – Razmic Kavaty
  • Alex Montyro

After Extraction popularity fans is find out  when Extraction 2 will be released. Extraction 2  movie release date has been confirmed. Extraction 2 netflix release date is June 16, 2023 Chris Hemsworth’s film will be available on soon on netflix platform. Extraction 2 Budget is not officially announced yet.

Production :

In May 2020, Joe Russo was hired to write a sequel to the Extraction movie, with Sam Hargrave directing and Chris Hemsworth reprising his role. Hemsworth was paid $20 million for his part. The Russo brothers expressed their intention to develop a series of films set in the world of Extraction, which could launch a cinematic universe. There were rumors of an origin story for Randeep Hooda’s character Saju. Filming was initially planned in Sydney but was moved to Prague due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Principal photography began in November 2021 in Prague, followed by filming in Vienna from January to February 2022. Filming wrapped up in April 2022, using long take strategies like the first film. Reshoots took place in Prague in November 2022. Henry Jackman and Alex Belcher returned to score the sequel, and the soundtrack was released by Netflix Music.

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