Black Panther Wakanda Forever : Cast, Reviews and Collection

Here in this article, we will discuss about black panther wakanda forever movie. You also know in this article everything about black panther 2 wakanda forever. We will cover in this article black panther forever reviews and black panther wakanda forever release date. You can watch marvel black panther wakanda forever disney plus hotstar. black panther wakanda forever time line is 2h 41m.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever Trailer

Black panther wakanda forever Story

King T’Challa the leader of wakanda and widely regarded as  country’s Black Panther has passed away leaving his people in deep sorrow. While his mother queen ramonda  deals with the rest of the world as various leaders start to accuse a country of buying its supply of vibranium and demand to share more of their natural resources with them T’Challa’s family picks up the pieces to help wakanda thruogh this trying time. Shuri T’Challa’s sister is crying her brother’s death and attempting to accept what their new future would be like without him. Following this tragedy a new threat shows up with Namor’s entrance a+

mutant king of the vibranium rich underwater nation of talokan. When dominique thorne’s character riri williams a young and ambuitious MIT student develops a technology that can locate metallic wakanda namor is terrified and prepares an attack on the rest of the Earth using the full force of his oceanic army at his command as Namor and his forceare faced with shuri nakia undercover agent and okoye leader of the dora milaje they are met with Namor’s rage because wakanda was once accused of trying to subjugate and exterminate his people .

Black panther wakanda forever ott release date on Disney+Hotstar on February 1. Black panther wakanda forever reviews on IMDb is 6.7 /10. you can also watch blackpanther wakanda forever on apple tv and youtube. If you’ve purchased Disney+Hotstar subscription you can black panther wakanda forever full movie download and watch .

Black panther wakanda forever cast

Name and Character Name

  • Chadwick Boseman – Black Panther
  • Angela Bassett – Ramonda
  • Letitia Wright – Shuri
  • Michael B. Jordan – Erik Killmonger
  • Tenoch Huerta – Namor
  • Dominique Thorne – Ironheart
  • Danai Gurira – Okoye
  • Lupita Nyong’o – Nakia
  • Lake Bell
  • Winston Duke – M’Baku
  • Michaela Coel – Aneka
  • Mabel Cadena – Namora
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Valentina Allegra de Fontaine
  • Daniel Kaluuya – W’Kabi
  • Richard Schiff
  • Kamaru Usman – Wakanda
  • Martin Freeman – Everett K. Ross
  • María Mercedes Coroy
  • Florence Kasumba – Ayo
  • Alex Livinalli – Attuma
  • Dorothy Steel – Merchant Tribe Elder
  • Divine Love Konadu-Sun – Toussaint
  • Danny Sapani
  • Shalet Monique
  • Maurice P. Kerry
  • Robert John Burke – Smitty
  • Juan Carlos Cantu
  • Curtis Bannister
  • Princess Elmore
  • Manuel Chavez
  • Trevor Noah
  • Sterling K. Brown
  • Hari Nef
  • Jordan Walker Ross
  • Aba Arthur
  • Isaach de Bankolé – River Tribe Elder
  • Zola Williams – Zola
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Baaba Maal
  • Josué Maychi
  • Gigi Bermingham – French Secretary of State
  • Jarrell Pyro Johnson – Jabari Warrior
  • Shawn Roberts
  • Sal Lopez
  • Janeshia Adams-Ginyard – Nomble
  • Michael Blake Kruse
  • Connie Chiume
  • Bill Barrett
  • Sope Aluko
  • Ivy Haralson
  • Zach Andrews

Top Gun Maverick budget is 25 crores USD and black panther wakanda forever box office hit with 85.89 crores USD .

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